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Have you found that you are:
  • Having a hard time getting people involved at church?
  • Aren't sure where to place your volunteers within your ministries?
  • Spending too much time on administration and less time on the things that really matter?
  • Having a difficult time managing calendars and schedules for those who serve?

Church Connector's one of a kind solution addresses these problems and more...

Take your potential volunteers from the sidelines to being engaged within your ministries
  • Act now to avoid the hassle of trying to persuade members to serve at church.
  • Have your volunteers coming to you instead of you having to chase them.
  • Save valuable time currently wasted on menial administrative tasks.
Just 3 easy steps before you are connecting your church
Step 1
We will set up the back-end of your new software for you. Once done, you'll receive credentials to log-in.
Step 2
Customize the software to your church with our easy to use system and drag and drop website builder.
Step 3
Connect Members to the features on your new website and enjoy a more impactful ministry!
At Church Connector, we understand that churches’ utmost desire and goal is to be effective in ministry. To accomplish this goal, you need a congregation that is invested and more involved in the ministry opportunities offered in your church.

The problem is most churches struggle to increase this necessary congregational involvement, which can lead to feelings of frustration and disheartenment within leadership.

We believe that churches run as God intended when everybody uses their God-given spiritual gifts and talents as designed. We understand the disheartenment, frustration, and burn-out that occurs when this fails to happen. That’s why we created Church Connector, to make an easy platform designed to increase congregational involvement, thereby increasing effective church ministries.

Act now so you can stop experiencing the hassle of trying to persuade members to serve and start experiencing a more impactful church ministry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Nope. Church connector is installed on a custom subdomain, so you are not required to use it as your main website. It can be installed on a sub-domain of your own domain. We added a website component to reduce churches monthly fee, so you can use your money where it really counts - YOUR MINISTRIES!
Yes, all of our software is installed with SSL to make sure your site is secure.
Of course. Your account has access to our support ticketing system where you can ask for help if you need it.
Yes, after you checkout, you will be given access to our knowledgebase with dozens of walk-throughs to help you to connect your church